TOPIC 3 Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy: The Critical Nexus

1.      Ocean governance and blue economy are two inextricably linked concepts whose optimization are critical to the sustainable use of ocean resources to promote the triad imperatives of wellbeing of people and the economic prosperity of nations whilst being mindful of the effects of such exploration and exploitation on the maritime environment. Specifically, whilst ocean governance requires integrating legal, institutional arrangements and implementation mechanisms towards achieving the triad imperatives, blue economy focuses on the sustainable economic exploitation of the maritime environment. The import of the aforementioned led to the various initiatives at the United Nations and the African Union as encapsulated in the African Maritime Strategy (AIMS) 2050. Specifically, the AIMS 2050 advocates an integrated approach to ocean governance, maritime commerce, maritime security and defence, maritime scientific research, aquaculture, shipbuilding and vessel ownership as well as access to the oceans by landlocked countries amongst others.

2.      Notwithstanding the foregoing, common challenges constrain the optimization of ocean governance and blue economy in the African continent. The challenges range from the ill effects of acidification, marine pollution and habitat destruction to the issues of Illegal Unregulated and Unreported fishing, maritime security threats and infrastructural deficits as well as sub-optimal regulatory, legal, policy and institutional arrangements. Hence, the need to consider a more inclusive and integrated approach across the broad spectrum of Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, academia, government departments and agencies in various nation states. To this end, the presentation seeks to address the issues by:

  1. Identifying the relationship between ocean governance and the blue economy.
  2. Considering the outlook of Africa’s blue economy in the context of ocean governance.
  3. Generating options for enhancing Africa’s ocean governance for the promotion of the blue economy.

Presentation Paper : Topic 3

TOPICS FOR PRESENTATION The 6 topics for presentation at the SPAS 2021 and the respective focus areas are further discussed.


National Hydrographic Capacities As Catalyst For Credible Ocean Governance


Tackling Emerging Maritime Security Challenges through Collaborative Regional Framework


Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy: The Critical Nexus



Integrating MDA in Africa Maritime Security Architecture


Legal Imperatives of Delimiting African Waters


African Regional Maritime Cooperation: Challenges and Future Perspectives

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