TOPIC 1 National Hydrographic Capacities As Catalyst For Credible Ocean Governance

1.      The importance of the oceans to food, energy, and human security as well as the wealth and prosperity of nations cannot be overemphasized. Thus, the quantum of benefits derivable from the oceans consequently led to the birth of the science of hydrography as a veritable tool to assist in the exploration and exploitation of ocean resources. Pertinently, hydrography plays a major role in optimizing hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, submarine cable laying, facilitating maritime commerce and safe navigation via nautical chart production, weather forecast, maritime boundary delimitation, and even in heavy maritime civil engineering and construction works amongst others.

2.      Accordingly, whilst the quantum improvement in the harvest of ocean resources facilitated by hydrography is not in doubt, the spate of hydrographic capacity acquisition and deployment in African littoral states has however been relatively sub-optimal. This has resulted in substantial areas of uncharted waters which pose risk to safe navigation. It has also resulted in insufficient information about the seabed which prevents their due exploration and potential exploitation and outdated information about tides and other oceanographic phenomenon.

3.      Considering the importance of optimizing the exploitation of the oceans to African states, there is the need to underscore the role of hydrography and encouraging capacity building. This would enable identified gaps to be addressed. Consequently, the presentation seek to further interrogate the following:

  1. The Role of Hydrography in Ocean Governance in Africa.
  2. International Hydrographic Organization Contributions to the Development of Hydrography in Africa.
  3. Efforts by African Coastal States to Develop Hydrographic Capacity.
  4. Optimization of National Hydrographic Capacity for Ocean Governance in Africa.

Presentation Paper : Topic 1

TOPICS FOR PRESENTATION The 6 topics for presentation at the SPAS 2021 and the respective focus areas are further discussed.


National Hydrographic Capacities As Catalyst For Credible Ocean Governance


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